Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and Delivery

How much your delivery charge?

Transportation charge differs with each Seller. We always maintain a standard method for our shipping process. We have a quick and regular delivery system. We care about the delivery timeline like maintain 3-5 days for our country base delivery. For other countries, we will contact the customer and assure the delivery time. Please verify your booking summary to understand the transportation charges for individual products

How can I trace my order?

We always are excited after ordering our products. Realizing the customer's excited about their product shipment we make sure a tracking number so that they can trace their product location. Usually, we provide the products details, tracking number and all other necessary information within one working days by email. Our shipment method is very transparent and trusted for our customer.

When should I be anticipating my delivery?

We have to follow the international standard. There are two weekends in a week. So, you will get the products within 3-5 days if you want your products fast. You may pay a bit more for this method. Standard shipping process you will get the products within 15-40 days. We have no holidays for sending your products. In the local area service, you can get our products within a very short time.

Do you make shipments?

We send parcels for shipments on working days (International working days) only.

Can you deliver my items to any other preferred location different than my home address?

Yes, we can assist you in delivering your items to any address of your choice as long as it is within our business places. You can request us to ship your package to your relative, friend or even your neighbor. However, you will have to specify the desired address, the name of the receiver that will sign the delivery in the section provided for that during checkout.

I need my products for a special event tomorrow – is there a system to fast track my order?

Our express delivery service is there to support you with such plight, and when you choose that option, your product will arrive within 1-2 working (except on holidays or weekends).

What happens to my parcel when you deliver it when I am away?

All our deliveries signed for, and as such if we coincide your absence, our carrier will issue a calling card or niceties of how you can reclaim the parcel from the depot. Alternatively, we can adieu details of how you can reschedule a new consignment. For example, you knew earlier that you wouldn’t be nearby to sign, you can leave distinctive guidance for the courier to leave the parcel with the personality who will be around when giving your delivery location.

Why is my order catching longer than exacted?

Our courier service will give you the requisite information you demand to track your order. During unexpected circumstances such as transport, climate can influence the delivery of your package. If your order is overdue, please don’t stumble to contact our always available ready to help customer service unit.

My country is not amidst the countries you deliver to, can I perceive alert when your kickoff shipping to my destination?

Of course, we can. Our bulletin keeps you up-to-the-minute regarding all the newest events in our store.

Your Account

I may have included an inaccurate email address during registration, how do I log back into it?

After every registration, we used to send out a confirmation email to all our users. So, if you didn’t receive the mail, it means your email address is incorrect. However, don’t worry retrieving your details is simple. Just contact us through email or call our customer maintenance and we will support you perceive and alter your information.

I aspire to modernize my email address; how can I accomplish that?

To modernize your account Information, go to my account page and enter in your login particulars as usual. When an epitome of your account arises, you can then agree on the change my details and password tab. You will redirect to a fresh new page where you can modify your information.

I don’t understand how to log in I have lost my password?

If you lapsed your login password, bang to the login page and tick forgot password link. You will be requested to render the introductory email address you applied to access the account and then tick on next after doing so. We will instantly assign you an email with a unique password. If still, you are facing any dilemmas and difficulties, please don’t delay to contact our customer support team.

I aspire to modify personal particulars; how do I do that?

To improve any of the individual details, you bestowed us with, for instance, your name, email address or communication details. You can log in to your account and bang on the change my details link. You will lead to another new page where you can now execute any essential changes to your details.

Ordering and Payment

How many products can I order at a time?

You can assign an order for acceptable 600 dollars at a time and a message informing you of the boundary about to be surpassed will pop-up. If you confront any issues regarding placing your order, please contact the consumer care unit undeviatingly away to help you out.

I am unable to find my desired fashion; what can I do?

If you can’t find your fancied goods, please Contact Us immediately, one of our promptly available customer care employees will attempt to help you. Seldom, it may be that the style you are looking for is out of supply.

What are your payment options accessible?

Our approved payment systems involve Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.

Do you receive store gift vouchers online?

No, we don’t presently welcome gift vouchers online.

What should I do when my payment denied during an order?

If your payment expelled during placing an order, click on try again. Additionally, please validate your payment details to assure that your payment details are accurate and resumed your request. If it yet declined, you can later communicate our client support crew.

I desire to pay with PayPal, but I am enduring unusual challenges. What does “verified user” anticipate?

If you are having difficulties executing payments by PayPal, it may be due to your account not verified yet. As wellbeingsshop only receive payments from verified PayPal accounts.

Will you convey me a confirmation order after placing my order?

When your order is successful, you will propose an Order Confirmation. This order confirmation comprises details such as the order number which you will require to make any query about that particular order. So, make assured you take record of the number in act of further concerns inquiries. Also, an email with modernize about your order will forward to you.

Can I advance restitution to my order?

Yes, you can amend your order. Nevertheless, it has to be before you check out because once you put your order, it can’t change.

Can I drop my order?

Yes, as long as it hasn’t been shipped for delivery already. To drop your order, email us or contact our customer support team to assist you.

Can I have a track of my order?

Indeed, you can maintain the trail of your order by snapping on the order you prefer to track once logged in to your account.

May I track my package?

You will obtain a call or wording from our transmitter to inform you of the outlined confinement date of your package. The text habitually comprises the consignment number with which you can maintain a trail of your package. You may also desire our client support to assist you with whatsoever problem you might be handling.

Returns and Refunds

I shop an item and the next day it was on sale. May I receive a compensation of the diversity?

Unluckily, once you have settled for an item, the expenditure is precise. You can put a different order for the inexpensive rates; nevertheless, you can’t restore your primary reservation for a settlement.

The commodity I ordered appeared defective, may I receive compensation for it?

You are authorized to a return on each damaged item purchased from our platform. To refund defective items, boot to your account and agree on return order. You can also systematize for the replacement of the erroneous items through the delivery service. For any additional inquiry, accusation or puzzles, please contact with our support team.

What occurs when my items are defective?

At wellbeingsshop, we do our finest to assure that all our items are of excellent condition. Nonetheless, if your items appear defectively, proceed to complete the paperwork and forward the parcel back to us, for change.

What results if I mistakenly order for the wrong color or size of items? Can you replace it for me?

Sorry, we don’t allow replacement services. Still, you can put a new order for a different item based on your fancied specifications and reverse another one. We will compensate you for any returned things.
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