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wellbeingsshop has always been committed to preserving and upholding the motto of integrity your privacy rights to our websites. The following privacy policy describes how wellbeingsshop collects and use any vital information you provide us on our site. If we consolidate with another store, we may authorize your information to our new co-workers or owners.

Information we collect

We collect personal information when you purchase anything from the wellbeingsshop store, as it is a part of the buying and selling process, for illustration, your name, email address and your address are what we frequently request for throughout the buying method. All of these are for our business policy.

When you see over our store, data regarding the device you are using such as the web browser and other data such as time zone, IP address, and information regarding another page(s) you may have visited at that time. Information about the actions you performed on the site(s) you visited (for example, purchase you made) and how you came about our website (for example through a paid commercial, search). To trace and save all this information, we use the aids and technologies mentioned below.

Cookies: there are small files fixed in browsers applied to monitor and manage user preference.

Google Analytics: To accumulate proper information about how different customers shop at our store to know we apply this technology. Another Google assistance namely Google Signals we operate in the means of collecting your data. The Google Signals recommends Google Analytics to distinguish data of your activities on our site with different sites you visited through Google. However, you can access and erase any of the data you don’t aspire Google to keep through My Activity.

Any information we asked of you and was afforded to us by you collectively referred to as Personal Information.

How we use your provided information?

We use all information to ensure that our obligations of delivery include processing of the payment, sending order information, confirmations, and shipping item(s). Also, we use it to interact with you about your order, providing advertisement regarding other products and services.

Regarding the other information collected from your browsing activity of another site (s) you visited, the steps you took, and referral origin may be used to personalize your browsing activity, review the performance of a website, or for the particular objective of promoting and marketing. Also, we may send you emails regarding advanced amend and new stocks; but that will be with your approval.

Getting Your Consent

Whenever you access your private information into our site after making a purchase, we take it as a form of consent and use it for its only purpose.  Also, utilize to validate your credit card

However, if we want your consent for other purposes such as marketing and advertisement, we will ask you directly to administer us with such authority while presenting you the alternative to state “no” if you are not impressed.

How to drop out your given consent?

If you chose to drop out it for any thought after furnishing us the go-ahead to adoption your personal information at any point in time, you can connect us through our email address or mail us via our contact address. If for any purpose you fancy to block and erase cookies from your browsing activities, you can do so from your browser.

Third-Party Services

Our third-party assistance providers solely access, collect, use or disclose any of your particular information to the point they need it to conduct out the services they propose us as well as advertise items that might fascinate you.

Nevertheless, some third-party service providers such as the ones that procedure payment transactions usually have their approach which requires, we provide some of your information such as purchase related ones. Also, some service providers positioned in areas that are different from yours in jurisdictions and laws, as such, your information subjected to the rules and authority of that place.

When you leave our website or redirected? our privacy policies will no longer work for you.

The links implemented on our website may lead you to away from our site, and we won’t be accountable for the impressions of their policies. As such, before implementing any personal information, you should constantly endeavor to understand the privacy policy of the site.


We take enormous precautions to secure all your personal information you render us are safe, not maltreated, not mislaid, disclosed accessed, destroyed or even remodeled. Your credit card actuality encrypted with the best industry practices that you administer us.


We preserve any information you proffered us for as long as you maintain to utilize our site and its services or for as long as it is still valuable for the purpose it was at the beginning to meant for unless and until you request the data to erase.

Age of consent

By utilizing our website, you consent that you are at least the age of adulthood in your region and you have also authorized us to grant you minor dependents entrance to the site.

Policy change

We at wellbeingsshop preserve every legitimate to execute any alterations, modifications, and improvements at any time. So, we urge you to please revisions it uniformly and as often as possible to hold on with the site’s policies. As multiple, the changes as specified above will be affected as soon as they are posted on the site.

Contact Information

If for any purpose you aspire to adapt, change, or erase any of the information you provided for us, you can place a legal accusation. Also, if you solely want further information about our services you can further contact us by sending us an email.

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

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