Welcome to Wellbeingsshop Company. It’s our pleasure to have you visit our online platform. This document makes the terms and conditions of products and services offered by Us as a company. This provision ensures that specific terms and conditions publish for customers to read through before admitting to carrying out any transaction with our company or third-party company that affiliate to our company on our platform.

For the purpose of certain Terms of Use, wherever the context claims “You” or “User” shall mean any actual or legal person by consenting to become a user on the Website providing Registration Data using computer systems. wellbeingsshop allows the User to surf the Website or making purchases without registering on the Website. The term ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’ shall mean wellbeingsshop. When You accept any of the services presented by Us through the Website (e.g. Product Reviews, Merchant Reviews), You will be submissive to the rules, guidelines, policies, terms, and conditions applicable to such service, and they shall consider incorporating into this Terms of Use.

We possess the right, at Our sole consideration, to change, modify, add or discard segments of these Terms of Use, at any time without any formerly written notice to You. It is Your accountability to interpret these Terms of Use rhythmically for updates/changes. Your continued usage of the Website ensuring the posting of modifications will signify that You accept and agree to the amendments. As long as You comply with these Terms of Use, We concede You a personal, Indistinct, preservation, restricted chance to access and use the Website. Accessing, browsing or another way relating the site exhibit your agreement to all the terms and conditions following these terms of use so, please read the terms of use thoughtfully before advancing.



A customer needs to create an account for shopping goods from our websites. Then We usually allocate a username and password to access our web-page which also helps in distinguishing one user from another. With this account, you can surf through the various items allowed by our company. You can make an order, contact us by direct message and trace your order until it delivered to you.  You shall be responsible for the care of your username and password from being entered by third parties of any kind. It is also mandatory that your provided data must be correct and flawless. If we get anything mismatch of your information, as a company we have the right to suspend or completely block you from accessing our platform at any time without alarming you. After happening this, all advantages and benefits gathered to users of our platform will be abandoned as well. So, you should accept that you must log out your account after every use. You have to inform our maintenance team instantly when You sense any breach to your account.  You also consent to provide Your details to Us and law implementation agencies either for attestation when requested or to support supplementary legal investigations at an undefined stage.


wellbeingsshop is a USA based company which provides numerous products both for male, female, children and adult for sales. Usually, we offer transportation aids options to our customers by conducting to them. Every offered item is available on our platform so that our customers can decide based on style, size, and color.  Users can make payment on our platform by using credit or debit cards or through e-wallet payment. Users must have to complete payments through our platform. In this case, any third party will never be allowed. The company can’t make sure to guarantee trustworthy transactions with third parties.

Customer Relationship and Communication

wellbeingsshop allows users and customers to drop a comment of product and seller reviews on the platform from now and again. This site is not only a profitable platform alone but also an interactive one as well. It also allows Users to be authorized to communicate with themselves about the excellence of the platform together. wellbeingsshop will be responsible for all activities that carried out directly with the platform. wellbeingsshop has no word of any kind of transactions or communication that goes on between users and third parties.

– All contractual terms presented for terms and conditions are solely to administer the seller.

– No warranty placed as regards the value or quality of item available on the platform, sold or purchased by customers.

– All transactions carried out between customers on the platform via means of communication is being carried out at the risk of both parties.

– We always accept the right and discard the illegal method to keep our company trustworthy.

– wellbeingsshop is not only a platform that sells various items, but it also allows for analysis as well as the opinion upon usage of customers as this helps wellbeingsshop measures its strength and also identifies its weaknesses.

– The company possesses every right to discard an order for any item when it notices any error either as a result of technical issue or typographical. It will notify the customer that payment has not proceeded for any items. In a state where payment was made, the company will notify users of such cancellation and by way of its refund policy.

  • Conducting Yourself on the Platform

As a user on the wellbeingsshop platform, conducting yourself in the best manner is required, and as such you agree to

– Keep secure every information on the platform either of yourself or others. It is essential to acknowledge Your limits to avoid any kind of infringement.

– Avoid any disparaging or discriminating, suspicious or illegal action, posts or comments of any kind that aims at cheating or defrauding others.

– elude the promotion of anything that trespasses on the corporeality of other users of the platform directly or indirectly.

– Avoid any barrier with the continuous use and benefit of the platform by other users.

– Not violate or contravene any law that governs online transactions in force.

– Not to deliberately cause us to lose or suffer any damage to our Internet Service Providers.

Users of the wellbeingsshop platform must ensure that they stay away from any fraudulent activities. These fraudulent activities include:

– Fraudulent payment for products and services offered by wellbeingsshop

– Failure to confirm and reply to payment verification the wellbeingsshop platform sends to users upon completion of payment.

– A wrong claim of damage products or repeated request for a refund under the refund policy.

wellbeingsshop disclaims any assurance of exact look, feel, size and color of items made available on its platform by its exchange policy when any inconsistency is spotted, Users can demand an exchange within 30 days of receiving the shipment. Any other issue wellbeingsshop provides guarantees the clients to return the products under its ‘Refund Policy’.

Privacy Policy

As much as excellence is our basement as a company, we do not take for granted the confidentiality of our users, and as such we have taken reasonable steps to ensure that such confidentiality is protected. Every information of you gotten in the process of creating an account with the platform or during its subsequent use, is being stored and protected from illegal third-party access and use except when the law requires that any of such information is disclosed to aid investigations.

This privacy policy provides the information we have access to, and what we make of such information to ensure that the excellent basement of our company is well secured.

– Your personal information which includes all your relevant information needed to help you create an account with us.

– Your financial report which provides for your debit and credit card details for both offline and online banking services.

Cookie Policy

The Cookie of wellbeingsshop is beneficial for our user. A little text file that gives you access to a lot of features offered by the wellbeingsshop company which aims at improving user participation and interaction. As a user of the wellbeingsshop platform, you are entitled to accept or decline cookies. By asserting a cookie, you impliedly allow that clop provided for in this cookie policy which authorizes us to apply any of such information accumulated from the cookie.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Liabilities

We only provided a warranty when we have confirmation about the quality of the products and give some lucrative offers and discount on different occasions. However, users should not explain this as indicating that all information about the item on the wellbeingsshop policies is entirely correct and accurate.

Also, it is important to understand that all things made available on the wellbeingsshop platform are supervised by several laws which vary from country to country, people to people as well as other online laws that govern the activities of e-commerce companies.

Modifications to the Service and Costs

Our product’s price can be changed without notify our customer.

At any time, we can modify our product and service charge based on our availability, reservation, and maintenance system.

We shall not be responsible to our customer about price change, modification, discontinuance or suspension of the Service.

Intellectual Property and Its Restrictions

Our items are not being made by the platform or our company. Our products are solely bought from leading brands and made available for sale to users. We never claim the intellectual part of these companies either by logos, trademark, patents, artworks and so on. So, no account of wellbeingsshop will be allowed directly or indirectly to make use of any of these or aid a third party without the express approval of the owner. The user account will be eliminated by us when we get any illegal activity or deceitful information. If anyone found blameworthy of this, the person’s account is likely to be eliminated or suspended, and the parent company of such intellectual property used shall be authorized to a legal procedure that will ensconce them. So, user should be careful about their activity and account information. We expect your conscious behavior.

  • Limitation of Liability

While there is no warranty agreement of products, the company confirmed the products quality of every item being made available on the platform and such as, the company is not responsible for any act of users which directly or indirectly results into damage of the item.

wellbeingsshop Company shall also not be liable for subsequent loss of interest of any customer in any item that has been ordered by the customer and delivered by the company. The company shall also not be liable for any express violation by customers of any term or condition that has been expressly stated here. In the course of interacting with other users on the platform, wellbeingsshop shall be excluded from any liability that arises such a disagreement between parties. Also, wellbeingsshop liability is limited when users violate the express provisions of the return and refund policy when users spot any inconsistency.

  • Termination of Use

This platform holds the right and inclination to suspend, ruin, and take further actions against any user who

– Expresses infringes or violate the provisions of these terms, conditions, and other policies connected to it having full awareness of it and the associations of its contravention.

– When any deceitful record is traced to any user of the wellbeingsshop platform.

Settlement of Dispute

wellbeingsshop concedes that as humans, we are bound to have conflicting interests at one point or the other particularly when it has to do with transactions. The company implements and hold down to approach any dispute that happens within the clients and the company altogether. Users of the platform are obliged by the dictates of such a dispute accomplishment procedure that place by the company to address any dispute whatsoever.

Laws Supervising Transactions

 wellbeingsshop is not only the USA based company now but also becoming a worldwide company.  Numerous state laws shall also supervise the activities of users in their private regions as well as other statutes that govern the activities of online businesses and transactions as well.


User’s personal information can be revealed by us if we are asked by the law to implement such specifications or if you violate any of our terms and conditions.


We process payments with PayPal, an external payments platform that allows you to process transactions with a variety of payment methods. Funds from PayPal sales on Martfury will be deposited into your PayPal account.

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